why prepre

1. prepare for2. get ready for3. in preparation for

为…做准备的英文get ready for 一、get ready for相关信息1、get ready for的读音 英[et redi f:] 美[t rdi fr] (使) 准备好…; 2、get ready for的用法示例如下

为……做准备:prepare for

为 做准备的英语 悬赏分:0 - 解决时间:2008-1-17 20:16 提问者: _寻梦客_ - 魔法学徒 一级 最佳答案 prepare for

get/be ready to do sth. 杭州孔孟教育

首先的英语短语可以是for all,也可以是at first.

Generally speaking , first you should Know what time the exam would take place. Why? Because you can plot a plan for yourself ,then in the countdown days you could know

prepare for sth. 楼上错了,prepare是动词,怎么能用be

In order to study for a test, the first thing I have to do is to reorganize all the notes from 为了准备考试,我要做的第一件事就是整理所有的笔记类.然后我将计划我的时间因

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