它们是them 它是it

表示穿衣服的用法短语类:1.put on one's clothes 穿上衣服2.wear layers of clothes 穿着几层衣服3.try on clothes 试穿衣服4.take clothes out of the wardrobe 从衣柜里拿衣服5

try on 试穿这件连衣裙要小心--只是用针别住的.Be careful when you try on the dress it's only pinned.

答案是: 需要帮忙吗?can I help you ? 试穿它 try it on 试穿这件 T恤 try this T-shirt ,多少钱 how much ~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!~

我可以试穿吗?的英文:May I try it on?try 读法 英 [tra] 美 [tra]1、vt. 试图,努力;试验;审判;考验2、vi. 尝试;努力;试验3、n. 尝试;努力;试验短语:1、try out 试验;提炼;考验2、try to do 尽力做某事;努力做某事3、have a try 尝试;努力4、try your best 尽你所能;尽你最大努力5、try for 谋求;争取;申请

Let's try on a bigger one..

动词词组,意为“试穿” 例句:Can I try on this jacket? 我可以试穿这件夹克吗? Is this all stuff you want me to try on? 所有这些你都要让我试穿?也有“耍弄,玩弄”的意思 例句:Don't try your tricks on us. 别跟我们耍花招.He's not ill, he's just trying it on. 他没病;他只是在骗人.

1.try to do sth.试图/努力去做某事 例句:We'll try to improve our teaching methods. 我 试用 例句:In order to admit the machine's quality,we should try it out. 5.try on试穿(

初中英语常见动词短语集中记 A)动词+ 介词 agree with同意的意见(想法);符合 base on以(为)根据 listen to听 get to到达 fall off (从)掉下 help

Can I try them on?(表示一双)我可以试穿一下吗? May I try it on?(表示一 件例句 1.这双鞋很漂亮,我可以试穿一下吗? This pair of shoes is nice. Can I try them on? 2.这件裙子很漂亮.我可以试穿一下吗? This skirt looks nice. May I try it on? 希望对你有帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你天天开心 心想事成 O(∩_∩)O

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