because someone is angry about something because someone is mad about something

be/get angry at sth.因某事而生气 be angry about sth.因某事而生气 get/be angry with sb.生某人的气 get/be angry at sb. for 因生某人的气 make sb. angry 使某人生气

关于生气:1.make sb angry 使某人生气 例:他的粗鲁让我生气.His rudeness made me really angry.2.be angry over sth 因某事而生气 例:别为这些琐事生气.Don't be

get/be angry with sb./at sth.(生某人的气/因某事而生气) 按英语习惯,要表示对某人生气,通常用 be angry with [at] sb,要表示对某事生气,通常用 be angry at [about] sth(在美国英语中也用 be angry with sth).

be angry with sb. 是与某人生气be angry at sth. 是因某事生气你要的就应该是 be angry with sb. at sth.

因为什么而使某人生气了because of that 什么 made 某人 angry因为我的无理而使你生气了because of that my being unreasonable made you angry

生某人的气 Be angry with sb.生某人的气 Be angry with sb.

be angry about.. 为某事生气 be angry with sb..对某人生气

shēng mǒu rén de qì 生某人的气 Angry with someone.或者be angry with sb.

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