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^^同学,很高兴回答你的问题 正确答案,至多 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 希望能帮到你.它至少花100元.You should at least try it .注意.你至少应该试一试:at least1,反意词组是at most.It will cost at least100 yuan .2,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O 不明白请继续追问你好

少于_ 释义:Less than,under,subter- 短语:少于 less than;beinsufficient;benotenough只有少于 only less than不到少于 less than

try to do try/do one\\'s best to do try/do all one can to do do all that is possible to spare no efforts to do make all effors to.

少于不到 Less than 少于不到 Less than

至少 adv.at least 至少二百 at least two hundred 每个晶体管至少有三个电极.Every transistor has at least three electrodes.他并不了解我,至少是了解得不全面.He doesn't understand me,or at any rate not fully.至少可以说,这样处理不妥.This is not the proper way to handle the matter,to say the least.

灵魂灭绝 the sou旦丁测股爻噶诧拴超茎l to cease to exist. to cease to exist. 不复存在;灭绝

reduce by(降低了) bring down reduce (降低) lower let down sink to descent apcg (下降至) reduce to

1、jast a minute(moment).请稍候 2、 may i help you?你需要我的帮助吗? 3、may i have your name. please? 请问您的尊姓大名? 4、pay cash. 付现金. 5 、free of change. 免费. 6、this way please. 这边请.

至于[zhì yú ](表示达到某种程度) go so far as to; as for; as to; apropos of; as far as ;

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