感到生气用英语说是:feel angry

感到生气feel angry

you may feel upset when you have lost focus on study at school.

provoking [pr'vk] 令人生气的,使人恼火的feel angry 感到生气

How do you feel? I feel angry.

分为对某人或某事生气对某人生气可用be angry with sb,be mad at sb, be annoyed with sb.对某事生气可用be angry at sth,be mad at sth, be annoyed at sth

提问:How do you feel?你感觉怎么样?回答:I feel very angry.我感觉很生气.

英文原文:I'm angry with what he said.英式音标:[am] [gr] [w] [wt] [hi] [sed] 美式音标:[am] [ri] [w] [wt] [hi] [sd]

对……很生气 be angrywith 对……很感兴趣 be interested in 希望对你有帮助 i hope it can help you

be angry about:因什么事情感到生气 He is angry about her coming.(他因她来而感到生气) be angry with: 对某人发脾气 I was angry with him for keeping me waiting.(我对他很生气,因为他让我等了好久) be angry to:后面跟动词!做很生气 angry to learn : 知道…很生气

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