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there be句型

1 There is a basketball under the desk!2 There are some pens and pencicls in the pencilbox.3 There is a library in the shcool.4 There are five girls on the playground.5 There was a lake in this town.6 There were several buildings behind my house.7

1.There is a flower in the bottle.瓶里有一朵花.2.There is some money in the purse.钱包里有些钱.3There is a boy,a girl and two women in the house.房子里有一个男孩,一个

There be , 意思是“有”,表示“人或事物的存在”或“某地有某物”.There在此结构中是引导词,已经没有副词“那里”的含义.1、概念:某地有某物2、遵循就近原则(最靠近be动词的名词如果是单数或不可数名词,be动词用is;最靠近

there is a pig there are some milk

there be句型和there have句型的区别:一、There be句型1.表示:在某地有某物或某人.2.在there be 句型中,主语是单数或不可数名词,be 动词用is ;主语是复数,be 动词用are ;如有几件物品,be 动词根据最近be动词的那个名词决定.3.

代词或名词(短语)是主语.be要与主语保持人称和数的一致.否定句是在be后加not,而并非某地(某人、某物或某时)拥有什么东西”,其形式为“There be+代词或名词(短语)+地点/There be句型的基本用法是表示“某地(或某时)存在有某人(或某物),be是谓语动词.(其实质句式为倒装句)这里there是引导词,没有词义;时间状语”;一般疑问句是将be放在句首

There be 句型是英语中常用句型, 意思是“有”,表示“人或事物的存在”或“某地有某物”.There在此结构中是引导词,已经没有副词“那里”的含义.There be 后面的名词是句子的主语,属倒装结构.疑问句形式是将bewill/have/can/must

There be 是英语中常用句型, 意思是“有”,表示“人或事物的存在”.There在此结构中是引导词,已经没有副词“那里”的含义.There be 后面的名词是句子的主语,属倒装结构.疑问句形式是将be或will/have/can/must等助动词、情态动词提至there之前,否定形式则直接在be或助动词、情态动词后加not,因此要表达“某个地方或某个时间存在什么事物或人”的时候常用“There be + 名词+ 地点(时间)这一句型.

There be句型的用法 一、构成:There be 句型表示的是 “某处有(存在)某人或某物”,其结构为There be(is,are,was, were )+名词+地点状语.例如:There are fifty-two students in our class.There is a pencil in my pencil-case.There was an old

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