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1 他听到隔壁房间传来了一阵奇怪的声音.He heard a strange noise next to room.2 即使我失败了,我也会继续做的.Even if I failed ,I still continue do it.3 他很担心,因为汤姆这么晚了还没回来He is very worry, because Tom doesn't

On weekends Tom usually gets up at eight . Then he has breakfast. After breakfast he sometimes helps his mother to do some housework. Sometimes he listens to some


赞成. 汤姆敢于探险、追求自由、做错事后敢于承认错误、承认缺点的性格特点. 汤姆是个聪明爱动又调皮捣蛋的孩子,在他身上集中体现了智慧、计谋、正义、勇敢乃至领导等诸多才能.他是一个多重角色的集合,足智多谋,富于同情心,对

如下: April,18thDear Tom, Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party.I'd like to go but I can 't cause

明天汤姆一回来我就给你打电话----- As soon as Tom is back tomorrow, I'll give you a call .

My friend is Tom. He is 15. He was born February 3rd. He likes English and Maths. His mother is 39. She has a clothe store. There are sweaters and shoes. Her likes yellow and green dislikes


Tom 邀请Li Ping 参加他这周日的生日宴会,但Li Ping的父母出差要到下个月回来,奶奶又卧病在床,需要人照顾.再说英语考试即将来临,因此,无法前去参加生日宴会

给你量身定做的:Dialogue TOM: Hello,May I speak to Mike? TOD: Sorry, Mike was not in. TOM: Oh,I see, this is Tom, who is that speaking?TOD: This is Tod, Mike went to the hospital to see his uncle

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