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role play怎么设计

AWhere are you going this weekend? 这个周末你打算去哪儿?BI'm going to 噢,那里怎么样?BWell, the life style is much more relaxed than here in the city. And the


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role play是动词,也可以是名词,play这个词本来就有两个词性.角色扮演的意思.也就是说扮演别的人物,以你扮演的人物作出答复或反应 role play the interview ( 没有上下文的话不能确定interview的意思,可能是访谈,可能是面试.我就当是面试吧.) 就是说扮演面试中不同角色的形式(重现这个面试场景)


play a role in 在 方面扮演什么角色; 抽象意义 是在某方面很重要 (1)比如 Vicky Zhao plays an important role in the film. 赵薇在这部电影扮演一个重要角色. (2) China plays an important role in the world economy. 中国对世界经济有着举足轻重的作用.

A:Hey,how's it doing?B:Yeah,not too bad.A:BCan we have a talk today?B:Sure.I'm free now,what'up?A:umhBefore all this starts,I have to say that I dont't mean to criticize youbut there's someth

都是角色扮演的意思role play角色扮演what role is he given to play?他去什么角色?

服务员:A 顾客:B/C/DB:Would you like to have supper with me?C:I'd like to,let's go!D:Me too!B:Great!let's go together!RESTRUANTA:Welcome!What would you like to eat?

The library is where we can borrow books.For a lot of etiquette with the library, we should keep the library is not allowed to speak loudly. Please keep quiet in the library, don't eat and drink in the library, that might get dirty.. Borrow books to line up, but

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