intact 完整的 双语对照 词典结果:intact[英][ntkt][美][n'tkt] adj.完整无缺的,未经触动的,未受损伤的; 原封不动的; 完好无缺; 完好无损; 易混淆单词:INTACTIntact 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.Aerial video on local tv stations showed burned-out homes and vehicles, though many buildings appeared intact. 当地电视台的航拍视频显示房屋和车辆被烧毁,而有些建筑似乎完好无损.



是做的形容词,就像make strong, stay calm一类的.完整无缺的;原封不动的;未受损伤的The delicate package arrived intact. 内放精致易碎物品的包裹完好无损地到达.

intact:完好无损 反义词是:Perfect (完善,完美)

intact是指一样实体东西完整没被破坏 The plane was still intact when it landed. 飞机降落的时候没有损坏.complete很简单, 就是通常的完成, 完整意思.I've completed my

尿潜血traceintact是什么意思?1、trace用英语解释:“n.痕迹,踪迹; 微量,极少量;” [植](脉)迹; 痕迹; 那么尿潜血trace就是尿潜血阴性的意思.

there is no difference at all. you may use either "over" or "on" or "about" as you please. change "over" into "on" or "about", and the meaning of your sentence is intact, is not compromised and is exactly the same.

首先,必须了解keep 的几种用法:1.keep +形容词 2.keep+sth/sb +形容词3.keep +doing 一直做某事4.keep from doing 阻止做某事.5.keep a pet 饲养一个宠物6.How long may I keep this book keep指借.其次,你所说的keep quiet 就是这里的第一种 keep+adj.(形容词),所以quiet是adj.(形容词).最后,“保持完整” 最好的翻译应该是 sth. be kept perfectly 某物保存完整、保存完好.

不需要变副词,这是形容词作伴随状语,相当于being intact的现在分词作伴随状语

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