found的过去式和过去分词 found作为原形是成立的意思 过去式-founded 过去分词-founded find作为原形意思是:找到的 过去式-found 过去分词-found

一样的,也是lost and found lost 是lose丢失,迷路的过去式 found 是find 的过去式

find的过去式:foundfound 读法 英 [fand] 美 [fand] 1、vt. 创立,建立;创办2、v. 找到(find的过去分词)短语:1、lost and found 失物招领2、file not found 文件未找到示例:He found evidence of mutated forms of the gene. 他找到了该基因

LOST AND FOUNDOne white gym suit has been found at the track field on Friday afternoon. If you are the owner, please contact Jia Li at Phone # 8661498

find过去式怎么写 find的过去式过去分词都是found find 英[fand] 美[fand] v. 找到; 发现; 查明; 发觉; n. 发现物; 被发现的人;

修饰的对象不同 ,found修饰i was修饰another thing ,从句.

过去式went 过去完成时 gone

It was a gloomy Sunday. I woke up and felt empty. I was pretty sure I had lost something important,yet I couldn't recall. I asked around to see if I had left something over at my friends,but no good news emerged. The empty feeling haunted me like a

were/was had did 这些都是过去式最明显的谓语动词,只要看到这样的标志,就是过去式,还有就是注意理解句子的意思,要真正的明白,先把句子翻译一下,看是不是符合过去式的形式!

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