out是出或出去 go out是出去,意思是使用在直接的或是在生气之时所用的语句.

He puts on his coat and goes out 他穿上上衣就出去了

he goes out playing basketball.

1. I really want to go out and play. 我确实想出去玩.2. I am very thirsty but she is hungry. 我非常渴但是他很饿.3. Sit down and do your homework. 坐下做你的作业.

Let's go out for a walk Let's go out for lunch.we will go out for a meal with colleagues soon.Try to go out for a walk at lunchtime.

1.go outMy parents wouidn't let me go out at night.我父母不允许我夜晚外出.2.go awayI've had enough of your nonsense.Go away.我已经听够你的胡言乱语了.走开!3.switch onWhen I switchde on the light ,I found the room had been robbed.我开灯后发现房间以被盗.4.come downCome down to the living room.下来到客厅吧!

The fire seemed to be going out. 火看起来快灭了

你说的是go ahead吧?go ahead意思是,干吧,继续做下去Go ahead if you think you can do the job.

1.they go out of their way to think of ways to serve all the passengers. 他们不怕麻烦,想方设法来为所有的旅客服务.2.don't go out of your way to furnish opportunities to your rivals. 不要故意给你的对手提供机会.3.all the cars go out of the way to

你好,很高兴为您解答\(^o^)/~祝你学业有成 go through 通过;穿过;透过:The rain has gone through my overcoat.雨水淋透了我的外衣.审查,检查;讨论:We shall go through these papers together.我们将在一起审阅这些论文.翻找;搜寻

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